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ND Series

Flexible, magnetically loaded, absorber made from nitrile rubber

MAGRAM ND is a flexible magnetically loaded absorber made from nitrile rubber; it offers the high performance of magnetic materials with the desired physical properties of nitrile. MAGRAM ND can be tailored to mode suppression – dependant on the filer used – and is suitable for attenuation between 500MHz and 40GHz.

MAGRAM ND should be considered when for aeronautical applications where its nitrile properties can be utilised. MAGRAM ND offers superb stability over a wide temperature range (-40 to 149°C/-40 to 300°F). Thanks to its composition MAGRAM ND is highly inert, providing exceptional resistance against fluids and fuels exposure, however it is attacked by ozone. It is very effective in high moisture environments. Examples of applications include specular return (RCS, aircraft exteriors, etc), surface current reduction and system isolation (antenna, circuit component).

The fillers (as with all of the MAGRAM series) can be combined with various binders. MAGRAM ND is UL94-HB rated, halogen free and RoHS and REACH compliant.

Tailored Solutions

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