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Multilayer Foam

Multilayer, lightweight, flexible open-cell foam

ARC Technologies ML series is a multilayer, lightweight, flexible open-cell foam working on an impedance matching principle; with each layer loaded for predetermined loss tangents. ML is used over a broad range of frequencies (500MHz to 40GHz) and provides up to -20dB of reflection loss.

ML can be provided in sheet form and can be custom carbon loaded to tailor to high or low loss needs. ML is essentially a combination of low-density, lightweight foams with different carbon loads and thicknesses - laminated together - providing electrically tapered reflection loss characteristics and best suited for far-field requirements. Applications include crosstalk reduction, antenna shrouding, shadowing of parts for radar cross section measurements, shadowing of components for anechoic chambers and broadband absorption.

ML offers custom layering to suit specifications, can be weather sealed for outdoor protection and coatings can be added to provide resistance against water, jet fuel, hydraulic fuel and gasoline. MS is halogen free, RoHS and REACH compliant.

Tailored Solutions

For custom specifications and sizes or if you need help with your application please contact HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd. Contact Us.

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