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Military Vents

HITEK™ supply a range of military specification vents.

Excellent shielding performance plus high airflow levels (Omni Cell™) and dust protection (VIP™)

Our extensive range of Vents include:

The Cho-cell™ vents offer high levels of airflow combined with high levels of shielding due to the large open area of the honeycomb and the combination of the cell size, aspect ratio and the plating of the honeycomb.

The Omni Cell™ vents offer a slightly different construction with two layers of honeycomb placed at right angles to one another to eliminate the polarisation effects. The construction is chromate converted. It offers a cost effective alternative to the Cho-Cell™ construction as it eliminates the plating of the frame and honeycomb. It results in a vent that is thicker for a given shielding performance and also has a slightly higher resistance to airflow.

Finally there is the VIP™ range of vents. These are designed to provide a level of dust protection while also providing a level of shielding. They can be used with or without the viscous oil coating.

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Tailored Solutions

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