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Military Metal Mesh

Some of the first EMC gaskets to be developed that still offer reliability today.

Combined with appropriate elastomers these gaskets become excellent environmental and weather seals.

Mesh gaskets can be obtained in a variety of materials, such as; monel (a nickel copper alloy), aluminium and Ferrex® (Tin-plated copper clad steel wire). POLASHEET and POLASTRIP materials are usually made from monel and solid or sponge silicone rubber, with aluminium variations available on special order. Metalastic® and Porcupine Metalastic® gaskets are made from a thin expanded aluminium or monel mesh coated in either neoprene or silicone rubber.

We also provide the Springline® range of gaskets; which includes the familiar beryllium copper fingers, some of these profiles can be provided in stainless steel and with a variety of finishes.

The types of Metal-Mesh EMC seal types are listed below:

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Tailored Solutions

If designing for low volume applications, please contact HITEK™ Electronic Materials Ltd to check availability, or if you need help with your application. Contact Us.

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