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Military Fabrics

Plated fabrics, foils and tapes offer lightweight, flexible shielding solutions.

HITEK provide solutions for architectural shielding of rooms and shelters, portable shielding tents and collapsing antenna reflectors where weight, flexibility and conformability are required.

Having a prodigious range of fabrics and foil products from Shieldex and Chomerics we deliver results for; EMI/RFI gaskets, outside skins for fabric over foam gaskets, laminated flat inner/outer shielding panels, passive static eliminators, EMI/RFI cable screening, thermal reflectors, infra-red signature reducing garments, infra-red camouflage for large equipment and antimicrobial applications (medical devices/garments, & wound-dressings).

Chomerics range of conductive foils and fabric tapes come with highly conductive adhesives to suit different purposes; allowing effective EMI shielding assembly where soldering isn’t feasible (i.e conductive plastics or aluminium substrates). Ideal for shielding ventilation slots or seam gaps, providing landing area for gaskets (Cho-Mask), suppressing electrostatic discharge, forming corrosion resistant ground contact points, EMI cable shielding, supplying electrical contact and continuity in seams of EMI shielded rooms and electronic enclosures. Cho-Mask can be split to any width to tailor to your applications.

Shieldex fabrics are available in plain weave, rip stop or non-woven forms. Rip stop uses special reinforcing techniques to prevent tearing, giving a favourable strength to weight ratio, beneficial for EMI gaskets withstanding abrasive environments. Shieldex plated non-woven fabrics provide fast and cost effective solutions for endless applications (corrosion, EMI shielding, environmental concerns) with a multitude of coatings and adhesives for optimisation. Some of the fabrics come with adhesive backings which make them ideal for assembly into electronic equipment. Subsequent recycling of the equipment is improved as the fabric can be easily removed from the substrate.

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Tailored Solutions

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