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Military Elastomer

Used by military and aircraft manufacturers worldwide for over twenty years.

We provide elastomers that are made to meet the MIL-DTL-83528 standards and also the expanding military need for commercial off-the-shelf solutions (COTS).

The below elastomers are made to meet the Mil-DTL-83528 standard for conductive elastomers and have been in production and used by military and aircraft manufacturers around the world for over twenty years:

The below Nickel Graphite materials provide solutions for the military’s ever increasing COTS needs:

These materials should not generally be used in situations where lightning or EMP is expected as they have limited survivability. In such applications use one of the other materials above (i.e 1298 which has demonstrated survivability beyond 5kA/in).      

View Cho-Seal® Elastomers for Typical Commercial & Military Applications or Find a product datasheet

Tailored Solutions

If designing for low volume applications, please contact HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd to check availability, or if you need help with your application. Contact Us.

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