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Military Compounds and Paints

Conductive adhesives, caulks, inks and paints from one of the world leaders in EMC shielding solutions

The compound and paints supplied by HITEK for EMC shielding, which come from Chomerics, can be used for attaching conductive gaskets, bonding seams, caulking joints, coating non-conductive substrates and protecting galvanically incompatible metals.

Some specific products are listed below:

Cho-bond 584 comes in a two-part conductive epoxy, known as 584-29, it is used for the permanent bonding of metals and the repair of heating circuits. The filler is pure silver and the materials comes in small bi-packs known as Cho-packs. Cho-packs come in sizes as small as 1g up to 10g. The material can also be purchased in bulk. More information on the Cho-Bond 584-29 Syringe-Pack and Dispensing Information.

Cho-bond 592 is a silver-filled epoxy, it combines the best properties of metals and organics; the two-component system is highly conductive, has excellent adhesion, cures at low temperatures, has a low viscosity, a low coefficient of thermal expansion, very low thermal impedance and good thermal shock resistance. Amongst it's unique properties it can also be thinned with toluene for spray applications. It's uses suit purposes such as EMI shielding, circuit board repair, grounding applications, as a sealant for microwave modules & components and for connecting dissimilar materials electrically & thermally.

Cho-bond 1029 is a two-part silver-plated copper filled high strength silicone adhesive. It has been used for the permanent bonding of substrates and elastomers, and produces a high bond strength and low impedance joint. During cure pressure must be applied to the joint for optimum results.

Cho-bond 1038 is a one-part silver plated copper filled silicone RTV (room temperature vulcanising) caulk that can also be used as an adhesive, it has the particular advantage of being able to produce a conductive joint without the application of pressure during cure. It is useful for caulking joints and also for bonding items such as shielded windows to housings where there is likely to be significant changes in temperature and therefore large variations in the differential thermal expansion of the materials.

Cho-Shield 610 is a two-part epoxy coating that can be used for the protection of steel, plastics and composites. It is a high performance silver plated copper filled material that was developed to meet the requirements of both military and high end commercial applications such as medical electronics.

Cho-Shield 2000 series polyurethane coatings are known throughout the world as one of the most effective ways of protecting chromate converted aluminium in harsh environments. When used in conjunction with Cho-seal 1298 it produces an extremely effective corrosion resistant solution for marine and other harsh environments. There is a repair coating Cho-Shield 2002 that can also be used for plastics and composites.

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