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Wire & Expanded Metal Gasket Technology

Our metal-based gaskets solutions are available anywhere for EMI and EMP shielding as well as lightning strike protection. These products include three distinct families: knitted wire, orientated wire in silicone and expanded metal. Cost-effective, metal-based shielding products have been used for decades in countless military and commercial market applications. Because of their high metal content, these gaskets typically provide 60 to 100 dB of attenuation in the 20 MHz to 20 GHz range.

Applications for Fingerstock include:

  • Low frequency – RF screening

  • Grounding

  • Anechoic doors

  • Low compression force required

  • PCB grounding or contacts

Metal gaskets are used for shielding and grounding for standard connector interfaces. They have a low-closure force, achieving high levels of shielding when used around door apertures for shielded rooms.


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Spring Line Beryllium Copper EMI Shielding Gaskets

Spring Line Compact PCI Gaskets

Spring Line Contact Rings 

Spring Line D Connector Gaskets 

Spring Line Stainless Steel Card Cage Gaskets


Frequently Asked Questions

Spring Fingers (Fingerstock or Metal Fingers)

Beryllium-copper (BeCu) and stainless steel EMI gaskets (Spring-Line) combine high levels of shielding effectiveness with a broad deflection range and low closure force properties. The spring finger wiping action can also help to reduce oxide build-up at mating contact surfaces when the gasket is used in applications demanding repeated openings and closings. The excellent performance qualities of beryllium-copper, including: high tensile strength, extreme operating temperature range and superb electrical conductivity, make it an ideal material for EMI shielding over a broad frequency range. For applications that are mechanically less demanding, stainless steel gaskets offer good tensile strength, extreme operating temperature range and good electrical conductivity. Stainless steel gaskets have higher compression set than BeCu, when used in demanding applications.

Applications for Wire & Expanded Metal Gasketing materials:-

  • Low frequency – RF screening

  • Grounding

  • Door seals

  • Low compression force required

  • Bite through on coated flanges

  • Electronic enclosures

  • Reusable with inner elastomer core

Is there mesh gasket performance information available?

What is the typical EMC shielding effectiveness (dbs) on mesh gaskets? 

100dbs @ 1GHz: mesh gaskets are good at low frequencies under 1Ghz. Above 1Ghz or up to 10GHz: metal loaded elastomers would offer better EMC shielding effectiveness above 60dbs. 

Which mesh wire is best for corrosion resistance or environmental protection, such as for salt fog/mist?

Monel (nickel-copper alloy) or Ferrex (tin-plated copper-clad steel) for EMP survivability.