A range of high-loss, magnetically loaded fillers blended into a variety of elastomeric compounds providing diverse physical properties and characteristics to suit all applications.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the ARC Technologies’ magnetic absorber series differ?

Across all series, the magnetic fillers are the same - the difference is in the thermoset polymer which binds the absorber together. The physical properties of these polymers may make one more suitable in a specific application, though from an energy absorption viewpoint, they function in the same way.

What absorber would you recommend that works well to suppress cavity resonances in electronic enclosures?

Magnetic absorber is most common, though LS and ML foams are sometimes used as well, though they are thicker. To a degree, the choice of material can depend upon the frequency of the resonance. More commonly, space or temperature constraints lead to the choice of magnetic absorber.

Magnetic absorber is comprised of high loss fillers blended with flexible elastomeric polymers such as silicone, urethane, neoprene and nitrile. They are ideally suited for suppressing surface currents and cavity resonances in electronic enclosures. MAGRAM can be frequency tuned for selective far field reflection loss and functions from 500MHz to 40GHz. These durable yet flexible sheet absorbers are offered in thicknesses ranging from 0.25 to 6.4mm. Optional PSA is available and HITEK will cut parts to print.


Applications include:

  • Telecom equipment

  • Security systems

  • Medical equipment

  • Microwave transceivers

  • Network equipment

  • Automotive

  • Military systems