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Liqui Form TLF LF 3500

Dispensable pre-cured gel with outstanding thermal conductivity and exhibits minimal component stress.

LF 3500 is supplied by HITEK and should be considered for applications where the needs for dispensability and minimal component stress during assembly are essential. LF 3500 offers low applied stress to sensitive components and high thermal performance as wells as superb mechanincal and chemical resistance (even at high temperatures). 

This pre-cured, thermally conductive, dispensable gel is thixotropic and naturally tacky meaning it stays in place within the application. LF3500 is highly conformable, offers reliable long term performance and provides ease of use and storage as it doesn't need to be cured, mixed or refrigerated. It can be used at continuous temperatures ranging from -60 to 200°C and comes in a range of sizes (30cc, 150cc, 300cc cartridges and 4.3 galon pails) to tailor to individual demands.

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity (3.5 W/mK)
  • Very low force exhibited on components 
  • Excellent chemical & mechanical stability 
  • No curing, mixing or refrigeration required
  • Reliable long term performance
  • Thixotropic and naturally tacky

Typical Applications include:

Demanding applications where stability, ease of use and low component stress during assembly is required, bare die to heat spreader lids, filling various gaps between heat-generating devices to heat sinks and housings, BGAs, PGA's and PPGA's, handheld devices and high value assemblies with rework

For the full datasheet on this product please see the downloads section below and if you need any more information on the product please contact HITEK on +44 (0)1724 851678



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