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HSL provide outstanding solution for descaling in a wide array of industries.

HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd provides unrivalled service in conjunction with outstanding products - manufactured from a proprietary formulation - for removing scale.

Their capabilities can be utilised in array of industries - in order to descale equipment, machinery or structures - the following links are case studies where HITEK-nology solutions have provided an optimal solution with efficiency:

Information on frequently used materials, found in applications such as the case studies, can be found below:

HSL Eco Descale is both Eco for economical and Eco for Eco-friendly. It's superior corrosion inhibitors prevent corrosion of metal surfaces meaning it significantly reduces the risk of metal loss. It is not recommended for use on stainless steel, please use HSL Safe Descale. HSL Eco Descale does not require a neutraliser, as it is free rinsing with water and self-neutralising when used, it also contains no toxic cresols or tar oils which require SARA Title III. All of these features, plus many more, make HSL Eco Descale an innovative and cost-effective treatment for removing scale deposits from the majority of water-cooled and water-heated equipment. Key features include:

  • Biodegradable. Once the material is neutralized with use it won't harm the environment.
  • Safe. Won't harm workers.
  • Economical. Dilutable and reusable. If the material is still reactive after use, keep and reuse.
  • Fast. Equipment is cleaned within a few hours.
  • Superior corrosion inhibitors. Lowest corrosion rate of any descaler.
  • Powerful detergents and penetrating agents.

Please Note: This material is designed for Industrial use only.

HSL Eco Descale can be purchased via our online store.

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Tailored Solutions 

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