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Honeycomb Absorber

Dielectric honeycomb absorber fashioned with hexagonal cells

ARC Technologies provide dielectric honeycomb absorber made from lightweight core materials fashioned with hexagonal cells. Honeycomb absorbers can be tailored and tuned to provide optimum reflection, insertion/transmission loss at specific frequencies thanks to ARC’s exceptional proprietary lossy formulation and loading technique. Honeycomb absorbers should be considered for broadband applications in between 500MHz and 40GHz.

ARC honeycomb absorbers are designed to enhance antenna performance and can be used in applications such as antenna cavity inserts, radar absorbing structures and to reduce side lobe reflection. It is ideal for application where convective cooling is required and the honeycomb material it’s self can function in diverse temperatures (ranging from -56°C to +177°C [70°F to +350°F]). ARC honeycomb absrobers should also be considered for applications where structural integrity, superior electrical performance and high power handling is concerned.

Honeycomb absorbers can be made from phenolic, high-temperature aramid and fiberglass. Are available in standard sizes, most commonly .187″ and .250″, but can be made to custom sizes and complex 3D configurations depending on requirements.

Tailored Solutions

For custom specifications and sizes or if you need help with your application please contact HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd. Contact Us.

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