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Sil Pads

Electrically and non-electrically insulating thermal materials for cleaner and more efficient thermal interfaces

HITEK offers the Henkel range of Sil Pad thermally conductive insulators; these are clean and efficient alternatives to mica, ceramics or grease. Alternatively, Q-Pads offer non-electrically conductive thermal protection. Sil Pad thermal products save time and money while maximizing an assembly’s performance and reliability

The Sil Pad range encompasses dozens of products, each with their own unique construction, properties and performance, including: 

  • Proven silicone rubber binders 
  • Fiberglass, dielectric film or polyester film carriers
  • Special fillers to achieve specific performance characteristics
  • Flexible and conformable
  • Reinforcements to resist cut-through
  • Variety of thicknesses
  • Wide range of thermal conductivities and dielectric strengths

Henkel's Sil Pad and Q Pad range are listed below: 

  • SIL PAD TSP Q2000 - eliminates problems associated with thermal grease such as contamination of electronic assemblies and reflow solder baths. 
  • SIL PAD TSP Q2500 - is a composite of aluminium foil coated on both sides with thermally / electrically conductive Sil-Pad rubber.
  • SIL PAD TSP 1100ST (Soft Tack) - is a fiberglass-reinforced thermal interface material with inherent tack on both sides. 
  • SIL PAD TSP 1800 - is a silicone based, fiberglass-reinforced thermal interface material featuring a smooth, highly compliant surface. 
  • SIL PAD TSP 1800ST (Soft Tack) - is a fiberglass reinforced thermal interface material that is naturally tacky on both sides.
  • SIL PAD TSP 3500 - is a high performance, thermally conductive insulator designed for challenging aerospace and commercial applications. 
  • SIL PAD TSP 900 - is a combination of silicone rubber and fiberglass; it is flame retardant and is specially formulated for use as a thermally conductive insulator. 
  • SIL PAD TSP 1600S - is the true hard worker of the Sil-Pad product range, this thermally conductive insulation material is designed for a wide array of applications requiring high thermal performance and electrical isolation. 
  • SIL PAD TSP K1300 - is a high performance insulator. It combines special film with a filled silicone rubber. 

The Sil Pad & Q-Pad product ranges can be used for both industrial and consumer applications in the following industries: automotive electronics, semiconductors, power and industrial automation, consumer electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, medical devices and industrial controls.

For the full datasheet on any of these products please click on the links above and there is a download section with it along with further product information and if you do need any more information on the product or to request a quote please contact HITEK on +44 (0)1724 851678



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