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HEM D-Foam PP2

Low Loss, Low Dielectric, Low Density Foam

HEM D-Foam PP2 is a closed cell polyethylene foam featuring low loss, a low dielectric constant and low density. This makes HEM D-Foam PP2 ideal for use as a dielectric substrate.

HEM D-Foam PP2 is transparent to electromagnetic energy making it ideal for RF transparent radomes and as a covering in many electrical and microwave applications as well as a spacer in antenna applications.

As HEM D-Foam PP2 is a closed cell foam water absorption rates are very low. This polyethylene foam is weather resistant and does not degrade or crack when exposed to UV light.

Thanks to its low water absorption and weather resistivity HEM D-Foam PP2 is popular in marine applications for linings on small vessels and buoys. Due to it's low density and closed cell composition HEM D-Foam PP2 can also be used as a flotation aid in applications.

HEM D-Foam PP2 is lightweight, extremely flexible, conformable and returns to its normal thickness after compression. It can also be easily cut and shaped with a sharp knife.

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