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Foam & Honeycomb Absorbers

Dielectric foam & honeycomb absorbers effective from 650MHz to 40GHz

Dielectric foam and dielectric honeycomb absorbers provide optimum solutions for suppression of side-lobes, decoupling/isolation of adjacent antennae, camouflaging and interference suppression applications and lining walls, chambers and ship masts to reduce reflectivity.

The dielectric absorber range includes:

When selecting a broad band absorber ensure that the intended application is thoroughly considered. Each series has unique attributes making them purpose-built for free-space isolation, free-space reflectivity and convoluted free-space reflectivity solutions. Products such as LS are ideal for free-space isolation, whereas ML and RT are more suited as free-space reflectivity absorbers.

LS has been tried and tested; it's one of the most known of and recommended absorber materials available. LS consists of a lossy carbon impregnated foam, it is used in a variety of solutions such as; lowering a cavity's quality factor in RF amplifiers, oscillators, cabinets containing microwave devices, computer housings, low noise block downconverter’s, isolating antennae via insertion loss, reducing surface currents on radiating elements and outer ground-plane type surfaces and also reducing reflectivity of objects such as metal.

ML is designed to reflect less than or equal to -17dB of normal incident energy above specified frequencies (ranging from 2GHz to 18 GHz, ML consists of graduated layers of loaded, open-cell, urethane foam. This foam absorber is used fundamentally for reducing reflection; the material is used as a lining for small test chambers, as absorbing blankets (in order to test radar systems) and it has uses when shrouding antennae for reducing crosstalk between adjacent antennae. It can also be used without a metal backing to isolate components/antennae via insertion loss methods.

RT is formulated from reticulated polyurethane foam material. It's lightweight, flexible, has a controlled conductivity and is impregnated with carbon black dispersions. This flat-sheet absorber comes in a variety of thickness which offers high levels of reflectivity over a 40 GHz to 500GHz frequency range. RT has uses ranging from shroud linings for low side-lobe reflector antennae, masking the reflectivity of structures such as masts (in anechoic chambers), camouflaging and interference suppression and also decoupling of adjacent antennae.

SS & Jauman are speciality foams; where SS can be fine-tuned in order to achieve maximum absorption at specific frequencies and Jaumann provides exceptional chemical and weather resistance thanks to its cross-linked, closed-cell configuration.

ARC Technologies provide dielectric honeycomb absorber made from lightweight core materials fashioned with hexagonal cells. Honeycomb absorbers can be tailored and tuned to provide optimum reflection, insertion/transmission loss at specific frequencies thanks to ARC’s exceptional proprietary lossy formulation and loading technique.

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