• Low-frequency systems, such as:

    • Generators

    • Motors

    • Transformers

    • Phase shifters

    • Circulators

    • High-speed switches

  • Power cables

  • Magnetic devices used to measure

    • Humidity sensors

    • Gas sensors

    • Photocatalytic hydrogen production

Ferrites are a cost-effective solution for reducing radiated emission on signal lines and power cables without effective data transmission.


Ferrites are available in these type forms:

  • Sleeve core

  • Square clip-on

  • Toroid

  • Flat cable core

  • Round clip-on

For impedance charts and technical drawings, please view the products on our online shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer equivalent ferrites to Stewards and Laird?

Yes. Please see our online shop for the alternative part numbers and performance information of each product.