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Thermally Conductive Encapsulants

Thermally Conductive Encapsulants

The LOCTITE STYCAST series offers thermally conductive encapsulants in which to house and protect heat-sensitive components. When faced with elevated temperatures and demanding environments - in aerospace, military and commercial industries - these products provide outstanding abilities in heat dissipation, acting as thermally conductive pathways for components, with exceptional performance over exceedingly broad temperature ranges. To find out more, please see the examples listed below:

***Please note as of 31/03/2020 CATALYST 11 has been discontinued and reference is for existing stocks only.***

** For help choosing the right potting product please use the NEW Potting Product Selector for Electronics  **

STYCAST 1090 is a low density, syntactic foam used to encapsulate electronic components. Due to its low dielectric constant STYCAST 1090 has an almost if not negligible effect on circuit function. STYCAST 1090 has an exceptionally wide operating temperature; it will function without fault from as low as -75°C up to 175°C, this property alongside its low density - which is less than half the density of other commonly used encapsulants - makes STYCAST 1090 an ideal solution for airborne embedment applications. Other beneficial features include low shrinkage during cure, low coefficient of thermal expansion and a unicellular composition when cured (which means water moisture is almost non-existent). STYCAST 1090 can be cured with a number of catalysts; each one will enhance certain aspects in order to obtain the optimum solution in the intended application.

STYCAST 1495 K is a black, epoxy encaspulant; it is an excellent choice for transformers, sensors and other electronics which require good thermal conductivity and protection against elevated temperatures and harsh environments. STYCAST 1495 K has a low viscosity meaning it will flow in and around tight spaces in electronic assemblies. STYCAST 1495 K has good handling properties and excellent thermal conductivity thanks to its highly filled composition. STYCAST 1495 K also gives the opportunity to choose from a range of catalysts, offering versatility in solutions, each catalyst (when used) will enhance certain features resulting in an optimised solution.

STYCAST 2762 is a two component, black epoxy used for encapsulating electronic components in applications that experience demanding environments where high temperature resistance and thermal conductivity are required. STYCAST 2762 can be used with a variety of different catalysts, each one will produce a different outcome where certain features may be enhanced, in order to reach a more optimal solution. STYCAST 2762 is heat-curable and has an operating temperature ranging from -20°C up to 230°C. It is worth noting that STYCAST 2672 is also suitable for large and complex castings. STYCAST 2762 is commonly cured with either CATALYST 14 or CATALYST 17.

STYCAST 2850FT is designed to encapsulate components that require heat dissipation and thermal shock resistance. STYCAST 2850FT is a black epoxy which is electrically insulative and has a low coefficient of thermal expansion; these characteristics help to provide stability and protection for sensitive components. STYCAST 2850FT can be cured with either CAT 9, CAT 11, CAT 23LV or CAT 24LV to produce preferential features/properties in its cured state; i.e. Greater chemical resistance or physical strength, wider temperature ranges in which STYCAST 2850FT will continue to function properly, longer pot life duration and lower viscosities. 

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