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Non-Conductive General Purpose Encapsulants

General purpose, non-conductive encapsulants used to house and protect sensitive components in demanding applications.

HITEK provide non-conductive encapsulants for general purpose applications, used to bond components to a myriad of substrates and protect them from harsh environments, these potting compounds provide versatility and easy application. Below are just some of the materials which we can provide to optimise your application:

***Please note as of 31/03/2020 CATALYST 11 has been discontinued and reference is for existing stocks only.***

** For help choosing the right potting product please use the NEW Potting Product Selector for Electronics **

STYCAST 2057 is a black epoxy encapsulant used for general purpose machine dispensing applications and is also designed for parts that need machining post moulding. STYCAST 2057 is designed to enhance machinability as it contains a soft filler which reduces abrasion in mixing equipment. STYCAST 2057 has a low viscosity, offers good machinability, rapid air release and can be used with a variety of catalysts. Desired features can be enhanced, depending upon the catalyst used; features include chemical resistance, physical strength, durability at elevated and lowered temperatures, colour, visibility, length of pot life, thermal shock, impact resistance, curing schedule and even the extent of bond strength when used with certain substrates.

STYCAST 2651-40 W1 is an encapsulant which offers excellent adhesion to a large range of substrates and the ability to colour code to specification. When STYCAST 2651-40 W1 has been fully cured the material can also be readily machined with carbide tools. STYCAST 2651-40 W1 is an epoxy which can be used in conjunction with a variety of catalysts; offering optimised properties in chemical resistance, physical strength, pot life and the ability to cure at room temperature or with heat. Also worth noting is that when using a catalyst such as CAT 11 for example exceptional adherence to metals, plastics and ceramics can be expected whereas CAT 9 will provide superior adhesion to glass; so please be consider the substrate you wish to apply STYCAST 2651-40 W1 to.

STYCAST 2741 W1 is designed for embedment and sealing of electronics and can also be used to cement substrates such as metals, plastics and ceramics. One of it's integral features is that it is resistant to cracking even at temperatures as low as -55°C. STYCAST 2741 W1 has an operating temperature which ranges from -70°C to 125°C. The flexibility of STYCAST 2741 W1 can be altered for either a rigid, semi-rigid or flexible form depending on how much CAT 15 is mixed with STYCAST 2741 LV. STYCAST 2741 W1 can also be cured at room temperature or at elevated temperatures.

STYCAST 2741 LV is a lower viscosity version of STYCAST 2741 W 1 which offers the ability to control the hardness and flexibility of its cured formed. This epoxy encapsulant can be rigid, semi-rigid and flexible depending on how much CAT 15 LV is mixed with STYCAST 2741 LV. One of the benefits of using STYCAST 2741 LV is that it can be cured either at room temperature or at elevated temperatures and therefore improving the ease of application. STYCAST 2741 LV has an operating temperature ranging from -50°C to 90°C. STYCAST 2741 LV is intended for applications where good flow properties are a necessity.

STYCAST 2 CN is a completely transparent silicone encapsulant which offers the ability to easily and quickly repair non-functioning components. Due to it's transparency STYCAST 2 CN offers the ability to easily identify products and the encapsulating material around the faulty component can be removed in order to repair/replace the part. Once the part is functioning properly again the area of encapsulating material removed can be refilled and cured (either at room temperature or by exposing it to elevated temperatures of up to 65°C). PRIMER S 11 can also be applied beforehand to improve bond strength to substrates such as metal, ceramics and plastics.

STYCAST E 1470 is a single component, off-white epoxy used for component and lid attach applications. STYCAST E 1470 is heat-curing, thermosetting and has excellent adhesion to plastics (more specifically engineering plastics like LCP), silicone, aluminium and other metals also. STYCAST E 1470 has non-sagging abilities and is B-stage capable. 

STYCAST ES 4322FC is a two-part black/grey epoxy encapsulant used to protect semiconductors. STYCAST ES 4322FC is high flowing so a control barrier is required when using this material to avert excessive flow. Applications for STYCAST ES 4322FC include encapsulating bare chips which are mounted to plastic substrate and potting of small circuit modules.

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