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High Temperature Resistant Encapsulants

HITEK supply high temperature resistant encapsulants, produced by Henkel, with functions in demanding applications where physical performance and chemical resistance cannot be compromised in the absence of high temperatures. Examples of such products are listed below:

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STYCAST 2662 is a filled epoxy used to encapsulate electronics and shield them from high temperature; STYCAST 2662 can also be used as a high temperature sealant/adhesive. STYCAST 2662 can be cured with either CATALYST 14 or CATALYST 17. STYCAST 2662 offers exceptional resistance against moisture; the casting can withstand high humidity and wet environments. Once cured STYCAST 2662 will display superb physical and electrical properties (even at elevated temperatures). The casted form can even resist harsh chemical exposures and detrimental environmental conditions. 

STYCAST W 67 is a clear epoxy, with low viscosity, that offers resistance against high temperatures. STYCAST W 67 can be used to encapsulate coils, transformers, solenoids and any other electrical assemblies - where support in electrical and mechanical performance is integral - even when exposed to high temperatures. STYCAST W 67 can function properly at continuous temperatures of up to 230°C and can withstand short amounts of exposure up to 290°C.

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