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Glob Top Encapsulants

Glob Tops for mechanical strengthening, tamper proofing and shielding against harsh environments.

Glob tops, from Henkel, are encapsulations that protect fragile semiconductor die and wire bonds. They can be placed over chips to protect them from harmful environments, provide structural reinforcement, or even act as a barrier layer against tampering. Here are some examples of commonly used glob tops:

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Eccobond 50300 HT is a single component, low viscosity, epoxy encapsulant used as glob top to encapsulate wire-bonded bare die on surfaces such as epoxy laminate. Eccobond 50300 HT is exceedingly stable as it has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and also a low viscosity; the latter is useful when control must be obtained regarding spreading of the glob top. Eccobond 50300 HT is also heat curing. There is also another version known as Eccobond 50300 LV which has the same integral properties yet has a lower viscosity. Both versions are suggested for large integrated circuits with high wire profiles.

Eccobond 50500-1 is a low-stress, low thixotropic, black epoxy which is used as a glob top encapsulant. It is intended to be used in conjunction with Eccobond 50300 HT to protect integrated circuits and ball grid arrays. They are also suggested for use on multiple chips to encapsulate and provide glob tops which are well defined (in height and where a flat surface is required. It also has an operating temperature of -65°C to 150°C.

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