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HITEK Electronic Materials supplies a range of Henkel Encapsulants. These materials include offerings in epoxy, polyurethane, and silicone. The properties of these Encapsulants vary widely in terms of their initial handling characteristics and final cured properties.

The application dictates the nature of the final properties and the manufacture generally dictates the initial. Below are the ways in which these encapsulants can be categorised:

** For help choosing the right potting product please use the NEW Potting Product Selector for Electronics **

Note also that the choice of a one part material (although convenient) generally requires chilled storage and elevated cure, whereas using a two-part material allows for a wider range of cure cycles and final properties as the catalysts can be frequently chosen to vary them.

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Please note that minimum order quantities apply, contact HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd for applications involving low volumes or for any assistance with your application.

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