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Electrically Conductive Adhesives

HITEK supplies electrically conductive adhesives from Henkel known as the ABLESTIK range. These products are generally used in circuit assembly applications and situations/processes where heat curing or hot soldering cannot be used. Below are some of the electrically conductive adhesives supplied by HITEK, please click on the links below for more Technical Information on each product:

***Please note as of 31/03/2020 CATALYST 11 has been discontinued and reference is for existing stocks only.***

ABLESTIK 56C is a two component, silver-filled epoxy which offers ease of application with it's long shelf-life, no-flow characteristics and low temperature curing (50°C). ABLESTIK 56C has low electrical resistance; it's purpose is to be used on surfaces such as metals, glass, ceramics and plastics - when hot soldering and high temperature curing isn't feasible - to make electrical connections. ABLESTIK 56C passes NASA outgassing standards and can also be used with a variety of catalysts to optimise certain features for applications. For instance when ABLESTIK 56C is used in conjunction with CATALYST 9 it's operating temperature will range from -60°C to 120°C whereas with CATALYST 11 it's operating temperature will span from -60°C to 175°C.

ABLESTIK 57C is also a two component, silver-filled epoxy but it can be cured at room temperature (25°C). ABLESTIK 57C is intended for assembly applications where hot soldering is impractical. ABLESTIK 57C offers good bond strength and ease of application (since it can be cured without the need of excessive heat), it is worth noting however that ABLESTIK 57C is thixotropic in nature too and also thermally conductive. ABLESTIK 57C has an operating temperature ranging from -40°C to 90°C.

ABLESTIK 59C is a one component solvent, silver-based silicone material that can be used in it's cured or uncured formulation. ABLESTIK 59C is used for high temperature assembly applications which do not require high bond strength but do however require electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance. ABLESTIK 59C has a vast operating temperature range, -55°C to 260°C, is highly flexible, tacky and thermally conductive. ABLESTIK 59C is pressure sensitive, thixotropic and can be reworked. ABLESTIK 59C is cured with heat and can be used with a variety of catalysts.

ABLESTIK 66C is a smoother, creamier version of ABLESTIK 56C, which has the same electrical conductivity but is easier to apply. ABLESTIK 66C comes in a paste form which, when applied, does not flow and can be cured at room temperature (or at a moderately elevated temperature).ABLESTIK 66C has an operating temperature ranging from -60°C to 120°C and - just like it's relative ABLESTIK 56C - ABLESTIK 66C can be used with a variety of catalysts to enhance desired properties; when cured with CATALYST 11 the cured system will obtain higher temperature properties whereas curing ABLESTIK 66C with CATALYST 9 will result in better electrical conductivity. It bonds well to the same materials as ABLESTIK 56C and it's intended purpose is to make electrical connections, where hot soldering is a non-viable option, to nichrome wire or heat sensitive components.

ABLESTIK 84-1LMI is a silver-filled epoxy which meets MIL-STD-883, Method 5011 requirements and exhibits low outgassing and low bleed properties. ABLESTIK 84-1LMI is a die attached adhesive used in microelectronic chip bonding applications and the adhesive itself is suitable for automatic dispensing or hand probe.

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Tailored Solutions

When choosing your adhesive consider the relative importance of the volume resistivity of the material against its shear strength, flexibility and chemical resistance as well as the ease of application and assembly. Optimising the adhesive will save you both time and money as well as making for a better quality solution.

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