5 Litre Bottle of HSL Eco-Descale


Industrial descalers are used to remove limescale from water systems. They are environmentally friendly with one of the lowest corrosion rates on the market.


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Water with a high concentration of minerals dissolved within it is commonly referred to as hard water. When hard water is used within cooling systems or is in contact where heat evaporates some of the water and leaves behind the minerals (most commonly limescale) on the surface of the heat source. This mineral layer builds up over time, which leads to inefficiencies in the heat transfer of the system.

Mineral layers can be removed by mechanical processes (scrubbing/grinding) but this can be time consuming as the water systems can be complex with many tight bends in the pipework. Alternatively, a chemical clean can dissolve the mineral build-up by circulating throughout the water system pipework.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mineral scale removal from:

  • Heat exchangers

  • Water passages

  • Coolers

  • Compressors

  • Pumps

  • Evaporators

  • Water piping systems

  • Tankless hot water heaters

  • Removal of bio-foul from marine equipment

Can you recommend a descaler for if stainless steel is present in or around the system?

Can HSL descalers be added to hot water?

No, HSL descalers should only be added to cold water.

Do I need to heat up the HSL descalers for them to work?

Unlike some descalers on the market, HSL Eco Descale and HSL Safe Descale work at ambient temperatures, therefore there is no requirement to heat them up.

Are HSL descalers classed as dangerous goods?

Yes, due to reclassification of the active ingredient percentage. Not safe for air transport.