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Patented corrosion prevention using the latest innovations.

We help to protect and maintain military, commercial and industrial components and vehicles of all sizes using patented corrosion control technology.

Our products provide protection to both external and internal components from corrosion, extending their working life and improving performance. From small metal components to complete vehicles and aircraft protection, our corrosion control is suited to short and long-term protection for applications.

Our corrosion control solutions are cost-effective and remove the need for dehumidified environments and out-of-use maintenance.

Our product range includes:

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HITEK Partners

We work with our partners, Cortec, to provide you with a full range of corrosion control using Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitors. Based in the US, Cortec’s patented technology is approved on a number of military and aerospace projects and offer protection for up to 5 years. Cortec’s products are environmentally friendly and use no damaging or toxic chemicals.

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