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Electrically Conductive Paints and Coatings

Electrically conductive coatings for plastic enclosure electromagnetic shielding are growing in popularity as concerns over weight increase for a variety of EMI applications including: military, aerospace, automotive, telecon, medical and semiconductors.​ Conductive coatings are generally applied by spraying a layer of electrically conductive paint, which is heavily filled with a conductive metal such as: silver, nickel, copper and ​a variety of coated or specialty powders and flakes. 

Resin type form (paints): acrylic, epoxy, polyester and polyurethane.

A comprehensive range of caulks, adhesives, coatings and greases containing conductive particles for all of your shielding and continuous electrical path requirements.


Electrically Conductive Silicone/Polythioether Sealant or Gap Fillers

Designed for applications which require EMI shielding performance and weatherproofing.

Types of electrically conductive sealants include:

  • silver filled in silicone

  • nickel-plated graphite filled in silicone

  • silver-plated glass filled sealant in silicone

  • silver-plated copper filled in silicone

  • VOC-free, silver-plated copper filled in silicone

  • silver-plated aluminium filled in silicone

  • silver-plated aluminium filled in polythioether

  • nickel plated aluminium filled in silicone

  • stabilised-copper filled

  • silver-plated copper filled in polyisobutylene

  • silver-plated copper filled polyolefin


Conductive compound applications include:

  • Component or hardware grounding

  • Medical devices

  • Portable electronics

  • Electronic assemblies

  • Industrial cabinets

  • Access panels

  • Engine control modules (ECMs)

  • Telecom infrastructure


Electrically Conductive Grease

Conductive greases can be used where sliding or movement might occur between two metal parts and grounding or where RF screening is required. Applications include: surface-to-surface particularly metal-to-metal sliding contact areas requiring continuous electrically conductive paths, such as a switch, and silver-nickel filled silicone polymer designed for effective anti-wear of flanges and airframes. 

Fillers: Ag (Silver) & Ag/Ni (Silver\Nickel).

Resin type form: Silicone

Frequently Asked Questions

What conductive paint provides salt fog/mist resistance and can handle harsh weather?

We would recommend Cho-Shield 610.

Which conductive paint is suitable for composite or plastic substrates?

We would recommend either Cho-Shield 2002 or Cho-Shield 2056.

Is there a flange coating material that offers corrosion resistance that can be used with an EMC elastomer gasket?

Please see the Cho-Shield 2000 series coatings.

Do you have further conductive paint application information available?

Please see Parker Chomerics' Conductive Paint Application Notes.