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Compounds and Paints

Compound and paints for high volume, cost effective, commercial applications.

The compounds and paints supplied by HITEK for EMC shielding come from Chomerics, one of the world leaders in EMC shielding solutions. These compounds include conductive adhesives and caulks, as well as inks and paints. They can be used for attaching conductive gaskets, bonding seams, caulking joints, coating non-conductive substrates and protecting galvanically incompatible metals. Cho-Bond 1035 is a one-part silver plated glass filled silicone RTV sealant used for bonding commercial conductive elastomers or for sealing joints and it does not require pressure during cure to produce a conductive joint. Cho-bond 584-29 is a two-part conductive epoxy that has been used for the permanent bonding of metals and the repair of heating circuits. Cho-Shield 610 is a two-part epoxy coating that can be used for the protection of steel, plastics and composites and was developed to meet the requirements of both military and high end commercial applications such as medical electronics. Cho-Shield 2052 is designed for high-performance and adhesion to plastic substrates; shielding levels of over 60db can be achieved. Compatible with plastics such as polycarbonate, pc-abs and pvc. Cho-Shield 2054 - water-borne version of 2052. Cho-Shield 2056 - similar to 2052 but designed for high volume applications offering high performance and resulting in reduced costs.



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