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High Power Thermal Insulating Pads

Thermal insulating materials for high power applications found in industries such as military, avionic and aerospace.

HITEK provides highly reliable thermal insulator pads, manufactured by Chomerics, intended to be used in high power applications and demanding environments.

The following materials have proven their effectiveness with decades of use in military and aerospace applications and are available with/without PSA backing (on one or two sides), have an operating temperature ranging from -40°C to 200°C. They should be considered for high-end power supplies, industrial, aerospace, avionics and military applications:

CHO-THERM® 1671 is Chomerics’ highest reliability insulator pad, with proven performance in aerospace/defence applications. CHO-THERM® 1671 insulators are silicone elastomers filled with boron nitride particles. Reinforced with fibreglass cloth to provide maximum resistance to tear, cut-through and punctures due to burrs and other mating surface irregularities.

CHO-THERM® 1678 material is Chomerics' lowest cost boron nitride-filled thermally conductive insulator. CHO-THERM® 1678 material is also reinforced with fibreglass cloth; providing maximum resistance against tearing, puncturing and cutting that can occur when faced with burrs and other mating surface irregularities.

CHO-THERM® T500 material is a highly thermally conductive interface insulator designed for use where the lowest possible thermal impedance is required. Fibreglass reinforced CHO-THERM® T500 insulators combine a silicone binder with a boron nitride filler to deliver thermal impedance of 0.19 C-in2/watt.


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Tailored Solutions

There are other materials in the CHO-THERM® range that offer other features. If you need help with your application please contact HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd. Contact Us.

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