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Microwave absorbent materials, adaptable and easily applied, offering shielding to electronics in countless applications.

Parker Chomerics provide easily applicable microwave absorbent materials known as CHO-MUTE™. CHO-MUTE™ 9005 and 9025 offer microwave/RF absorption over a wide frequency range; providing protection for electronic equipment and preventing cavity to cavity cross coupling and cavity resonance.  

More information on the CHO-MUTE™ series can be found in the link below:

The CHO-MUTE™ series are silicone elastomer based materials, containing a ferrous filler, which offer flexibility and are UL94V-0 certified. They come in six standard thicknesses to tailor to applications and have been used in hand held electronics, telecommunications equipment, GPS’s, ruggedized computers and military electronics. 

CHO-MUTE™ 9005 and 9025 offer wide band absorption and high permeability without compromising flexibilty or adding substantial weight to applications. Both are successful in absorbing surface currents and free space electromagnetic fields.

CHO-MUTE™ 9025 is practical for applications requiring absorption within the frequency range of 30MHz to 12GHz; typically found electronic systems PC's, mobile phones and PDA's which function within this band. Whereas CHO-MUTE™ 9005 offers absorption at a higher range of 500MHz to 18GHz for more demanding applications (i.e. microwave communication systems and medium output power applications).

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