Supported by our sister company, HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd, we have the ability to advise, apply, train and support the application of the innovative corrosion protection for any application.

Services that HITEK-nology Solutions provide:

  • Maintenance of equipment to prevent equipment failure

  • Long term lay-up of stored equipment

  • Protection of mission critical equipment

  • Environmentally friendly descaling

  • Corrosion removal

  • Application of anti-corrosion coatings to create a barrier between the metal surface and the outside environment

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Cortec material is best for my requirement?

There are many factors that affect the materials you require to protect your application. Environment, length of protection, sprayed application or packaging (wrap) are just a few of the considerations. Please contact our technical team to discuss your specific requirement.

What is VpCI?

VpCI stands for Vapour phase Corrosion Inhibitor. These protect metal from corrosion without being in direct contact with the metal surface.

Is applying the anti-corrosion materials easy?

Yes, most materials can be applied using general engineering knowledge. If you require assistance in application, our sister company HITEK-nology Solutions Ltd can offer support.

Are there size limitations for applying VpCI products?

No, VpCI can provide protection for all sizes; from the solder joints on a circuit board all the way up to protecting a ship or aircraft fuselage. This is totally scalable solution.