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Advanced Materials

Engineered to meet your electrical and mechanical specifications, ARC specialise in blending absorptive fillers into various liquid thermoset resins.

Advanced Polymer & Caulk Systems

ARC Technologies use a flight qualified system capable of accepting various filler types, this has been internally developed and can be programmed to adjust pot life and time to cure. Availability includes blended caulk, paste, putty, gap filler material and custom formulations. ARC Technologies will custom make alternative systems based on specific requirements, all materials are application specific.

Spray Systems

ARC Technologies have an Advanced Materials Department which specialise in blending absorptive fillers into a multitude of liquid thermoset resins such as silicones, urethanes, and epoxies. These are the foundation for numerous finished products and can be engineered to meet exact electrical and mechanical requirements.

Paint Spray Systems

ARC Technologies have experience with absorptive coatings, primes and topcoats to complex structures. Their spray systems combine liquid and resin, which are injected with advanced filler technology, creating speciality paints for sprayable application with frequency specifications.

Cast Systems

ARC Technologies have the facilities to cast and mould advanced material into complex geometries with high quality EMI and RF absorption, their advanced fillers will give the material the maximum performance. Thermoplastic injection can also be utilised.

Resin Systems

ARC Technologies specialise in liquid and resin systems, using their advanced fillers, which are designed with maximum performance in mind to ensure they meet customer frequency specifications. ARC Technologies have a vacuum assisted double planetary mixer that enables super viscous materials to be blended consistently and efficiently. There are many loading options for specific frequency and broadband requirements and moulded parts can be liquid injected.

Tailored Solutions

For custom specifications and sizes or if you need help with your application please contact HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd. Contact Us.

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