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Thermally Conductive Adhesives

HITEK supplies thermally conductive adhesives from Henkel known under the trade name of ABLESTIK (formerly known as Eccobond) for applications concerning substrate adherence to heat sinks.  Please see below for examples of thermally conductive adhesives and a brief description of their properties and uses:

***Please note as of 31/03/2020 CATALYST 11 has been discontinued and reference is for existing stocks only.***

ABLESTIK 281 is a single component, black, epoxy adhesive used in assembly applications that require excellent thermal conductivity. ABLESTIK 281 comes in the form of a solvent-free, thixotropic paste and offers good chemical resistance, electrical insulation and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. ABLESTIK adheres well to metal, glass and plastic surfaces and an operating temperature ranging from -60°C to 205ºC.

ABLESTIK 282 is a single component, black, epoxy adhesive which is ideal for high speed production lines thanks to its viscous, fast-curing and long pot life characteristics. ABLESTIK 282 is silk screenable, provides good heat dissipation and has an operating temperature ranging from -40°C to 180°C. ABLESTIK 282 is used in heat sink bonding; where plastic and ceramic substrates need to be adhered to high temperature generating components (i.e. semiconductor devices).

ABLESTIK 285 is also a black, epoxy adhesive that can be used in assembly and low stress bonding applications, where thermal management is necessary, such as bonding substrates in heat sink procedures. ABLESTIK 285 can be used in conjunction with a number of different catalysts (i.e. CAT 9, CAT 11, CAT 17M1, CAT 23LV, CAT 24LV) in order to optimise certain beneficial features such as: chemical resistance, physical strength, length of pot life, thermal shock, impact resistance, the coefficient of thermal expansion and operating temperature range. 

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Tailored Solutions

When choosing your adhesive consider the relative importance of the thermal conductivity of the material against its shear strength, flexibility and chemical resistance as well as the ease of application and assembly. Optimising the adhesive will save you both time and money as well as making for a better quality solution.

Please note if you are designing for low volume applications, please contact HITEK prior to specification as some of the products are subject to significant minimum order quantities.

If you need help with your application, please contact HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd. Contact Us.

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