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Non-Conductive General Purpose Adhesives

Non-conductive adhesives providing resistance to high temperatures, chemicals and cost-effectiveness whilst encompassing high bond strength.

Henkel manufacture a large range of non-conductive adhesives, each with characteristics suited for numerous applications/field, known by the name Loctite ABLESTIK (formerly known as Eccobond). Below are just a few examples of non-conductive general purpose adhesives HITEK can supply:

ABLESTIK 45 is a general purpose adhesive used for attaching different substrates together such as glass, ceramics, metals and plastics. ABLESTIK 45 is non-conductive, has an operating temperature ranging from 55°C to 80°C and offers the user the ability to control its flexibility by altering the mix ratio of ABLESTIK 45 to Catalyst; resulting in rigid, semi-rigid and flexible states. ABLESTIK 45 also provides high shock and peel resistance.

ABLESTIK 55 is a low cost epoxy adhesive that offers good wetting with the majority of substrates used and can be cured with different catalysts to enhance certain features. ABLESTIK 55 has a variety of functions in electronic assembly; staking and anchoring of components, providing hermetic sealing and end fills. As previously stated the ABLESTIK 55 can be cured with a number of catalysts resulting in beneficial features such as excellent chemical resistance, greater physical strength, thermal shock and impact resistance and wider operating temperature ranges.

ABLESTIK 104 is an adhesive used in applications that are exposed to very high temperatures. ABLESTIK 104 is also non-conductive, offers a long pot life and has excellent chemical resistance. It adheres well to metals, glass, ceramics and thermoset plastic. ABLESTIK 104 can withstand continuous exposure at 230°C and has been to withstand short amounts of exposure of up to 280°C.

ABLESTIK 144A is a single component liquid epoxy, which contains no solvents and requires no catalyst. ABLESTIK 144A can be used as adhesive on a large number of substrates. Only heat is required to cure this epoxy and at elevated temperatures ABLESTIK 144A will cure rapidly. ABLESTIK 144A also has a wide operating temperature range (-62 to 200°C).

ABLESTIK 84-3 is used in medium die attach applications and functions well in automatic dispensing, screen printing and even application by hand. ABLESTIK 84-3 is a single component epoxy requiring no catalyst (only heat) and is also solvent-free.

ABLESTIK 2332 is a solventless, single component epoxy which boasts outstanding bond strength even when cured at temperatures as low as 100°C. It bonds to surfaces such as copper, nickel, aluminium, fibre reinforced plastics and rigid plastics. ABLESTIK 2332 has an operating temperature of -40 to 150°C and exhibits high peel and tensile strengths over this wide temperature range.

ABLESTIK A304-6 epoxy is a single component, fast curing adhesive and sealant. Designed for high throughput assembly operations ABLESTIK A304-6 exhibits qualities such as high toughness and outstanding chemical resistance. ABLESTIK A304-6 is readily pourable and has an operating temperature ranging from -40 to 155°C. These properties make it ideal for applications such as high temperature industrial/aerospace filters.

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Tailored Solutions

When choosing your adhesive consider the relative importance of the volume resistivity of the material against its shear strength, flexibility and chemical resistance as well as the ease of application and assembly. Optimising the adhesive will save you both time and money as well as making for a better quality solution.

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